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Devialet launches Phantom Reactor Custom surround sound system
Now you can have a 5-speaker Devialet home cinema system, complete with all the necessary custom install connectivity.
More via What-Hifi?
[Image: GeWa6k64zBTK8MAYKS6vrf-970-80.jpg]
ISE 2020 Amsterdam

We've landed at #ISE2020 !
Come experience Phantom Reactor Custom: signature sound solutions as ambitious as your projects. ? HALL 5 - BOOTH U95

An Expert Pro was also spotted!

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Germany / Bavaria
I can see an Expert! Smile

It is the Devialet equivalent of "Where's Wally" (or Waldo, or whatever per region) 

With the Devialet equivalent you get endless pictures of Phantoms, but lurking somewhere is an Expert Pro with it's silly lopsided remote control hat.

EDIT: Out of curiosity, does anyone know why there is what looks like a 10" or 12" bass driver on display? (and a smaller driver next to it) See just under the LCD display in the last picture above, next to someone's elbow.
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Details of the new Reactor here

My initial reaction was Devialet bundling a Reactor with extra bits, but it is a different 800W Reactor priced the same as the Reactor 900. If I read it correctly, it has Dante built in which is a big plus, no need for Dante adapter and optical cable, no need to set to custom mode. Wonder what they are using as the source input in the exhibition? There are not many consumer audio products with Dante and Pro audio Dante gear is considerably more expensive.
A pair of Devialet Phantom Golds, system described here.

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