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Devialet predictions for 2018 (The 2018 Devialet Almanac)
It's that time again! The 2017 thread was fun, but again generally lacked accurate predictions.  Nobody managed 3 decent accurate predictions.  

The challenge for 2018 will be identical to last year, let's have your top three Devialet predictions for the year.  Maybe you can think of more?  OK, fair enough, but list the three most significant predictions that you think will happen, you can then list anything else you desire as a foot note, but we need your top three first.  I shall start:

1. The CI Board will gain Roon RAAT protocol and will be stable for the majority of users.
2. A Renault road car will be announced featuring a Devialet in-car entertainment system.
3. Other than 2 above and some tweaking of the Phantom range, there will be no truly new Devialet products in 2018.

Over to you guys, happy predicting! Shy

And remember......   List a top 3 of clear predictions, nothing too vague.....
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Bending the rules again...I have only one prediction, which is:

1) this prediction will be wrong.
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My picks:

1. The CI board will still not be stable for anyone wanting HiRes using AIR

2. There will be no announcement from Devialet that RAAT is being implemented or even actively developed

3. Devialet will continue to present and market themselves as world-class innovators, even though most of their products actually don’t work quite the way they should.

I would love to be proved wrong on all of the above. Let’s see in a year.
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1. CI board will be stabile Q2/2018
2. Devialet will inform new features for CI board but DL is open and also they won't tell all the specs.
3. Devialet will launch series of portable items. Speaker, miniatyr Pro like unit (cellphone size), headphones.
We will all use Spark to control not only Phantom but all Expert Pro CI models.
1. CI/Roon integration will transform how we all use our Devialet Expert Pros
2. The app will remain as is, but, as Mr Bill suggests, Spark will be available for Pros
3. There will be a new Phantom Gold Super/Plus/Pro/Platinum with more power than anyone could need

There will still be some glitches!
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1. Finally there will be a new Dialog with adjustable Delay and HDMI in/out.
2. Finally the optical input of the Dialog will be fixed, either on the old or new Dialog.
3. Finally RAAT for Phantom (in Dialog) and Expert system will be added.

I‘m really optimistic this year! Big Grin

Renault car sound powered by Devialet will be announced (again) in 2018. Dacia will have to wait for 2019. But anytime in the future everybody will own a Devialet Rolleyes
(07-Jan-2018, 17:06)Zappydev Wrote: My picks:

2. There will be no announcement from Devialet that RAAT is being implemented or even actively developed

Don't know what to make of this one. For a start Devialet made the following announcement in their Core Infinity Log on November 15 last year:

"Roon Advanced Audio Transport is already on our roadmap, we are looking into how we can speed it up. There are some other groundwork developments already underway, and we will have a better vision in the coming months. We heard you loud and clear and will, of course, keep you updated."

So there already has been an announcement that RAAT is either under development or in the planning stages of development so I'm prepared to rate this prediction as a fail because you can't predict that there will be no announcement regarding RAAT development after an announcement of development has been made.

It is possible, of course, to modify the prediction and say there will be no updates or announcements about the state of RAAT development during 2018 but that's a different prediction which I hope will not prove true but may.
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Ha ha - good catch. I stand corrected  Big Grin

However, I mitigate my answer with the following:

1. Being on the roadmap probably means ‘we might think about that one day’, it does not necessarily mean that they have done one iota of work to implement it, or ever will. 

2. I don’t believe anything they say

Nevertheless, I hope I am wrong - to get a stable RAAT on my Od’A would certainly be the cherry on the icing of the cake.
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I hope Devialet don't try and provide self-driving software for Renault
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