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Devialet teasing new Phantom colors on Instagram..
Might be just a tease, just wanted to share.

D200. B&W CM10S2. ROON over AIR for Tidal. Chromecast Audio thru SPDIF for Spotify Connect. Technics SL-1200, Ortofon 2M Bronze. 2x Reactor 600 as desktop monitors. Head/earphones: Denon AH-D5000, Campfire Andromeda S.
I had the same initial reaction, but I suspect they're just teasing the color of the cases.
Devialet 440 Pro (two 220s)- Oracle CD transport - Kuzma Stabi S/Stogi S turntable - Von Schweikert VR-35 speakers - JPS SC3 SCs - PI Audio power conditioning -
Triode Wire Labs ICs and PCs - Roon Labs music streaming
Durham, NC USA
Tongue   My better half did ask whether the Phantoms came in a darker colour!

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