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Devialet with Trinnov ST2
Hello dear froum members,

I am new to this forum. After many many big speakers and amplifiers, soon i will be the proud owner of a pair of Magico Q7 mk1 with a Devialte D 1000 pro. I would like to connect a Trinnov ST2 room correction system to the Devialet. I do not have the possibillities to optimize my room with tube traps etc.

Are there any mebers with some Trinnov experience on the Devialet, and maybe more important, howto connect the Trinnov to the Devialet?

Looking forward to your answers.

No experience but I just looked at the Trinnov web page for the ST2. It has 2 digital outputs, an AES output and a coax SPDIF output. The Devialet has inputs for both AES and SPDIF. Choose your preferred input cable and connect the output of the Trinnov to the input of the Devialet. You could connect the analog outputs of the Trinnov to the analog inputs of the Devialet but it will just be converted back to digital in the Devialet so it's better to just stick with a digital connection and avoid an unnecessary D to A conversion in the Trinnov and A to D conversion in the Devialet when you can simply use a digital connection in the first place.,
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