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Dialogue optical crackle? And Airplay out from TV?
Hi looking to have a shuffle round in my main room and wonder if the dialogue still has issues using optical input? (Latest airplay version bought <6 months ago)

Also is there anyway to OUTPUT sound from a TV to the Gold Phantoms or Dialogue using AirPlay or other wireless option?

Would just simplify things for me with less / shorter optical cable Smile
If you send the audio wirelessly you will incur an even greater lag than normal. This will make TV unwatchable, so I wouldn’t explore that.
Ah ok thanks for the advice - not that I think it’s possible anyway
Optical crackle is still there as well as occasional optical dropouts when playing through the Dialog. Still frustrating and no sign of a fix from Devialet despite a number of queries to them.
The long promised full relaunch of software seems to have gone quiet too.

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