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Does Phantom Reactor support Qobuz? Tidal?
I can't find anything on the Devialet website other thanks Spotify Connect as a supported service. Qobuz supported? Do we know?
This will be coming in a couple of years :-)
The Devialet folks (or at least whoever answers the phone when you call) told me today that the app does support it. . .

I also got notice that mine has left the factory.
hi :-)

I have received my reactor yesterday, and despite what I had been told also, he app only support spotify connect. No Qobuz, no Tidal. I have to play my tidal songs through chromecast audio via optical link... that's a step down ! (even if it seemed that the integration in the Devialet app wasn't too good...)
Yes. . mine arrived today and no Tidal or Qobuz. I am accessing it now via Roon / Airplay.

I'll call and ask them what is up. . .I doubt they will know.

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