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Munich: in oktober 2024 the renewed Quad full range esl x series will be released. Thinner mylar, the 2912 will go from €13k to €16.5k, a bargain for the quality.
1: Atelier d'Or no.75 (1.5m. AQ RCA-XLR), Heart 2812, Kimber 8TC, WBT, Rel StentorII, Oppo105D (surround), Vodafone Next, Quad 303.2(!, Kef RDM1, BenQW4000i, SBooster (3x), IfiX 3x, 125 inch, Stax 507 (2x) on Stax SRM-1S, SRM D-50, all on Iso-Ac. Gaia1, 2 and 3, Kemp Isolator source and power-, Kemp QA/ SNS plugs (6x), Furutech & ALAC maincables, AQ Blizzard, Van den Hul Mainstream, Optical 8k cables, Clearaudio (Synchro+Champion2+TT3 tangential+CM Bearing+Outer Limit+StradivariV2, 530uV, 200 ohms), NUC11 i7, Samsung-980Pro, -A8, -S24Ultra, Roon Life, Netgear 108, AQ Cinnamon all, Live cable USB, AQ jitterbug 5x, WB 18TB 2x

2: 220Pro, Kef R3, Rel Studio, Oppo103EU (surround), Quad 707(mod), Kef RDM2, all on Iso Acoustics 200, Gaia 3 & 1, LG Oled55, Furutech wall outlets(3x), AQ NRG-Z3 (2m., 5x), Kemp powerstrips, Audiotool filters, Oppo HA2+PM3 + AQ cinnamon cables

1900 recorded LP's 24/192, 850 DSD 5.1 SACD (via Oppo), 4800 ripped CD's, Qubuz

Heard yesterday. Wonderful performance

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