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Expert 440pro Core for sale
Selling my Expert 440Pro Core. $13,500 AUD, ($9,450 USD, $8,415 EUR). Purchased new as an LE Expert 400 in June 2016, upgraded to 440 Pro at Devialet France in January 2017 and Core Infinity board installed in Sydney in December 2017. I have all the original packaging and boxes, including outer box for each unit and 3rd outer box for both units. Happy to ship world wide at buyer's cost. Bank transfer only. Happy to PM more photos, message me if interested to further discuss.

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Amplifier - Devialet Expert 440 PRO Core (12.2.10 + DOS 2.2.0 RC3)
Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
(15-May-2019, 07:19)alaw Wrote: I'm confused? Are you selling one or two units? If one, why not call it a 220 Pro CI, rather than half a 440?

Nope, @Confused is the other bloke on DevialetChat. Smile 

You are just assuming that because Graig only shows one unit he's only selling one. If you read what he wrote you would know he's selling two units.
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Actually, both are pictured, in their boxes.  Smile
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Thank you @Pim and @Axel for responding to @alaw post. I assumed everyone on here knew what a 440Pro Core was and I definitely wouldn't post anything misleading on here. But just to avoid any "confusion" I have added further pictures. I should also add that these amplifiers are in excellent condition, no swirl marks or blemishes on the chrome finish. I regularly used a "grab it" duster to remove dust and the Devialet supplied polish cloth to keep them looking like new and they really are in like new condition. I take very good care of my HiFi equipment!

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Amplifier - Devialet Expert 440 PRO Core (12.2.10 + DOS 2.2.0 RC3)
Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

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