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Feature demand! Let us set a Max Volume cap in app.
Hello everyone, 

I absolutely LOVE my Devialet setup and have been the proud owner of 4 Golds and Silvers but, holy crap, can Devialet please please please let us set a volume limit from their app? I can't tell you how many times I've turned up the volume on my phone for a phone call and then played music only to have it blast at 100% volume. It happens at least three times a month and I'm afraid it will damage my speakers. It's a total travesty. 

Devialet owners, this is my first post and a declaration! I promise you I will do everything in my power to get in touch with the developers if Devialet to publish this relatively simple app update. We shouldn't ruin our speakers (or our heartbeats) because of this issue. I can't be the only one who has had this happen?

The request is simple: 

  1. A Devialet user should be able to set a max threshold for their speakers in settings. 
  2. The app should never go above that setting if controlled by the phone which likely means that the setting will even apply to the Devialet Remote. 

Can I get an amen!?
Hi Buenojugo

There have been a number of complaints about this in the past - its completely unacceptable in my opinion and such an easy fix I find it difficult to understand why it hasn't been sorted - I'm assuming Devialet don't think its an issue. Here is a link to a previous discussion about this:

The trouble (I think) is caused because the Devialet App responds to volume control changes even when nothing is playing and when the app is not in use but is still loaded up. Other apps do not behave this way.

I've never had this problem with my Sonos setup - but even so in the latest major update to Sonos there is a setting in the app to 'disable hardware control' which stops the app from responding at all to hardware volume up/down commands from an iphone/ipad.

However you can set a maximum volume on your Phantoms, but not from the Devialet App. You can do it from a Web browser if you can find the IP Address of your Phantom - easy to do if you look at your routers connected devices page?

If you go to the web address of the Phantom, there are a number of settings you can tinker with - one of which is 'Maximum Volume Setting' - it works with all your devices including the remote control.

Its not ideal in some ways - for example you end up turning the remote control round more to get to normal listening volumes - but it does stop the issue you have referred to. i set mine to 50% at first but that didn't work out so I've set it to 75% at the moment.

I'm tempted to go back to 100% because I've got used to closing the Devialet app and then checking EVERY TIME I want to play music what the volume is but it still makes me nervous!

If you do manage to get in touch with Devialet I should point out that you aren't the only person to have complained about this.

I wish you Good Luck with this, I really hope you get Devialet to fix it. Please keep us posted as to the response.

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