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Get well soon Rodney!
Take it easy, Rodney, and I hope you recover soon.
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Warwickshire, UK
Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!
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Best wishes for a full recovery Rodney. At least you'll have your Devialet and the tin man for company whist exiled in the music room.
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Best wishes Rodney. I've seen your music room; what a place to recover! I'm sure the music will have a healing impact.
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Best wishes for a full recovery Rodney !

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Yes I seem to recall you posting pics of your room on here when I was trying some room correction and I enjoyed your posts.

Get well soon Rodney.
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Newcastle upon Tyne, England
I hope music works its healing magic for Rodney's speedy recovery.
All the best to you Rodney, best wishes to a speedy recovery!
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Get well soon Rodney, take it easy, enjoy your music, enjoy life!
Hope to hear from you more.
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thanks all, Im home now , most of the hump over..
I really dodged a bullet as the attack was close to being fatal.. and amazing team of Drs./surgeons turned it around and by all accords offered me a further 20 years to live..assuming something else does not get me..
Music never sounded so good....
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