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Has anyone changed the factory fuse from his Devialet?
Yesterday I went to the local distributor of Synergistic Research, who presented to us, amongst other things, their new line of fuses, Synergistic Research Black fuses.

They claimed that the sound improves a lot by replacing the stock fuses with theirs.

I have a lot of friends that have replaced their stock fuses with Synergistic Research Red fuses (the previous line) and were quite impressed.

I am thinking of doing something similar, but with the new fuses.

Has anyone tried this on his amp? Do we have any feedback if there is actually an improvement?

Thank you!

There are 2 fuses inside the dev afaik, both are smd fuses directly soldered onto circuit board so no fuse tweaking possible I guess
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(21-Apr-2016, 13:55)seasusa Wrote: Just a quick response. Yes I have used both the "Red" and now the "Black" Synergistic research fuses and they both made a significant difference to the sound. I personally dont think that the Black is far superior to the Red . Actually I have had a hard time discerning the difference. But I would say absolutely change the fuse, it is by no means a subtle difference in sound. The fuse is directional so you have to experiment a bit, but again you will know the correct direction as soon as you change it to the right one. I am not going to bore you with all the audiophile terms, but lets just say it improves on all the things that matters.

*Advice applies to changing the fuse in the mains cable.

Thank you for your reply. You changed the fuse by yourself or you went to your local dealer and asked him to change it?

Is the fuse soldered or not?

Can you tell me the specification of the fuse so as to order it from my local synergistic research dealer?

Thank you!


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