Poll: How many files (tracks) in your digital music library?
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1 to 3000
9 6.34%
3000 to 6000
9 6.34%
6000 to 10000
14 9.86%
10000 to 15000
17 11.97%
15000 to 20000
15 10.56%
20000 to 30000
17 11.97%
30000 to 50000
23 16.20%
50000 to 100000
19 13.38%
100000 +
15 10.56%
I do not have a digital music library
4 2.82%
Total 142 vote(s) 100%
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How big is your music library
I started this thread as a bit of fun, and possibly because I was trying to put off mending my fence that was demolished by mega storm Katie last week. However, I think the results so far are actually very interesting. OK, there have not been enough responses to offer statistically solid results, but a trend is emerging. It appears that library sizes are not following the traditional 'bell curve' you might expect, between 6000 tracks and over 100,000 tracks the results are fairly consistent and flat.

So what does this signify? What does it really mean? Errrr, not sure?
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I guess it means that this metrics is not really relevant because storing is so cheap as well as tracks that some people tend to accumulate tracks irrespective of weather they are listening to them at all.
I suspect that if we were eliminating tracks that are in the lower 5% of listening occurence that might become a bit more significant of the diversity that one listens on a regular basis.
This is a typical issue in every statistical study: how to get rid of the outliers that just pollute the message without being really significant

My two cents,
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We're in the 'junior' category with fewer than 3000 digital tracks. I could make the upgrade to the 3001 to 6000 club if I ripped some more CD's but I doubt I'll ever get beyond that. There may be a lot of music out there, but I fully admit that I don't like a lot of it. And I won't spend time with any tune or track just because of its recording quality.

That said, the majority of our listening is done with Deezer Elite, and for me, it sounds pretty good. Right now we're listening to an opera broadcast live from Florence on RAI 3; Umberto Giordano. TuneIn Radio > Sonos> optical input. A live performance of interesting music and an Italian vocabulary lesson all at the same time.
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I use to procure a lot of music, but after Tidal I haven't bought a single cd or download...

Hurray for new technology

Br. Morten
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I prefer downloads. I love the idea of still being able to listen to my old tunes when I'm 80 years old.
I don't think most of the stuff that we play now will be still available then.
Also most stuff I listen to is just not available on streaming services.
So I download & tag... Like a maniac! Smile
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I have about 800 LPs and 7000 CDs.
I have ripped quite a lot to my computer for transferring to a portable when I was on an aeroplane every week, but until I find an automatic tagging system suited to classical music a digital music library will not be a priority for me for listening at home.
I have a subscription to Qobuz but don't use it much and am considering letting it lapse.
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I too have about 700 LPs, most of which have not been transferred to digital. Sadly I am temporarily without a turntable at the moment.I also have a Tidal subscription that I do actively use. In the past year I have probably purchased less than 20 new CDs/Digital Downloads.

On to the digital stats:

2,504 albums ( including those with multiple discs ). Of those 1558 are Redbook (CD) format.

1,109 unique artists

30,857 individual tracks

2.69 TB of storage

blah blah blah
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About 5000 tracks. Building up at slow pace. Started this hobby very late after long break.
All CD bought, converted to FLACs.
Flacs purchased from HDtracks, Linn records, B&W Music Society and others...
Waiting for Tidal to make launch in India. Piracy is big threat in India, hence Tidal might be taking time.
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6800 digital tracks and then 70 Vinyl albums.
Most of it, I've bought over the years on CD or the last couple of years as lossless files. Others "magically" appeared on my NAS, though with my Qobuz subscription that happens less and less.
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A question for those who have voted 100000+. (seven people so far) How many have you got exactly??

Anyone made it to the million mark!
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