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How will stereo pairing work?
Has anyone seen info from D about how Reactor stereo pairing will work behind the scenes?  Will it be a master/slave connection where one speaker becomes the receiver of the incoming signal, splits L/R and then sends the other channel to the other speaker?  If so, will that be over a network connection?  BT?  Depending on which route they go, that would impact what kind of setups would support stereo.

I wouldn't be surprised if Devialet themselves are asking the same thing  Big Grin
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(03-Feb-2019, 23:28)Pim Wrote: I wouldn't be surprised if Devialet themselves are asking the same thing  Big Grin

To be fair to Devialet, it’s not like they’re a company specialising in stereo playback hardware. It’s a HUGE ask. I doubt any one of us would even know where to start.

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We should see the results shortly now. I bought one Reactor 600, am very pleased with it, and will get the second one as soon as stereo is available.
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I have a pair of Reactor 600. Playing stereo by using them as active speakers, i.e. connecting them to my pre-amp via a pair of RCA cables. The ends to the Reactors with RCA to 3.5mm converters.
The base is terrific!
Nice ken46!

I am wondering how synchronisation/delay between the left and right channel would work without an external amplifier... Either over ethernet/wifi/bluetooth... I guess we have to wait & see!

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