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Lost connection to Dialog due to switch
Hi there,
nearly every morning Spark (on tablet) loses the connection to my Dialog. It turns out this is because of the ethernet switch my Dialog is connected to (can't do without a switch as I have other devices that need ethernet). It is a small 8-port fairly old switch. I could change it, no big expense, but would hate to do it if no change.
Anyone had a similar experience, and would know what kind of switch would be most adequate?
The alternative I found is have my Dialog + 2xGold on a powerplug with an on/off switch which I turn off at night - saves heat, power, and Dialog boots back fast when I turn back-on. So decent work-around.
Thanks a lot for any input!
Dialog and Golds on powerplug is not a workaround; it is probably the best way to connect them. Mine have been working well this way.

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