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Lumin U1 mini
Selling my lumin U1mini. Trying to come up with the funds to upgrade my d200 to the 220 so need to sell in order to help fund that upgrade. I’ve had it about 3 months, so it’s just about broken in. I’m asking $1800 US (all offers accepted). the price includes insured shipping (in the 48 states) and a custom made 3ft usb cable. I will ship overseas but you will be responsible for shipping cost over $30 US.

I will try and post some photos upon request, but the unit is in an audio cabinet and has not been handled since adding to my system. I have all the original packaging 

Details on the cable and maker can be found here. Even if you don’t want to use the usb cable, you could easily sell it on audiogon for $150 + as this makers cables are well regarded on Audiogon. But I’m certain you will like this cable.

PM if interested.


Now asking $1750 US. Final reduction unless you don’t want the usb cable, in which case, then I will knock another $50 off.

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