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Memory for volume level of inputs
I have TV set connected over digital SPDIF input. For some reason, its volume level is much lower than any other input and it is not possible to change on TV' side. 
It drives me crazy when i have to adjust volume every single time i switch from/to TV.
Devialet, please save last used volume level for each input. And make it option to enable/disable the feature in Configurator.
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I have suggested this to Devialet years ago and the responded that it was a good idea they would look into.

This is such a basic feature I cannot for the love of god understand they have not implemented this yet....
I can. They don’t listen to customers requests. Or particularly care.

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I use an optical connection for my TV. The level is super low. Boosting it to the max in the configurator brings it up to almost the equivalent level of my other sources.
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I am surprised this is not implemented. Would be a simple software change?

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