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Messages to Devialet (not related to the Expert range)
I have been reading through the @Confused's "Messages to Devialet" thread and I noticed that virtually all posts related to the fact that the Expert range had been... suspended, let's say. While this is obviously a topic close to the hearts of many a user here, I got a distinct impression that any Phantom-related message in that thread would be swamped. That'd be a shame, because I am confident that Phantom users also have a lot to say to Devialet.

I'd like to see in this thread the (most wanted) feature suggestions, the (most annoying) bugs or UX issues, general suggestions to Devialet. What do you miss most? What improvements would make your Phantom experience significantly better? Etc.

Here is my message to Devialet:
The feature I've been using most in DOS1 on my Golds was the night mode. Because I watch movies quite late and my neighbours surely do not appreciate their 14Hz prowess. Ever since I moved to DOS2, the absence of this small but vital feature resulted in switching back to the horrendous built-in TV speakers  Sad Please please get it reinstated in DOS2 soon!
I agree and thank you @quartz78 for starting this thread. I copied my post from the other thread and pasted it here.

The launch of DOS2 for the Phantom Premier range, at the end of last year, has been instructive and I noted a change in attitude from Devialet and from its unofficial presence. Like many Devialet launches, there was hype associated with the launch followed by a let down, but with some changes, this launch should serve as a template for other initiatives.

To Devialet's huge credit, there was detailed information for DOS2 and a detailed guide on whether to upgrade. Yes, there were some issues with stereo sync and Airplay but Devialet moved quickly to communicate with us and largely(?) have resolved these problems. At that time, I noted that Devialet's response to problems is just as important solving the problem itself and to me, they got this right. The focus on creating a stable platform before adding functionality was also another good move.

There was a reliance on users reading the guide before upgrading, but many users did NOT. This resulted in creating disgruntled users and added to the general negative mood within the forum that @Confused referred to in this first post. Not sure how to fix this problem because users will continue to not read instructions and manuals. That is normal behavior today and has to be planned for during a launch.

As a Phantom owner, I am relatively happy with Devialet and what has been communicated so far. It happens to coincide with a major software upgrade, but I fear we will fall back into the same unhappy camp as the Expert owners if Devialet cannot, or would not, continue the communications and finish the DOS2 upgrade. We are not asking that Devialet substantially increase resources. What we asking is a change in attitude from Devialet to treat us a resource to help you. It means more open communications and more frequently. It does not require an official presence on the forum (but that would be nice!).
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Roon RAAT support in Phantoms should appear ASAP. Of course in addition to bug fixes and other sensible additions mentioned by @quartz78 and @Snoopy8 above.
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+1 on Roon RAAT support. There's no alternative.
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I have a feeling that Devialet is developing Roon RAAT for the DOS2 and other things also. This could also be why Devialet has not communicate about the Roon issue to experts. Because they are planing to make the DOS2 work for Expert line and they want to put all their resources to develop the DOS2 to a mature product for release (I hope). I think Devialet are careful to release software to expert before they are more sure it will work, so maybe they have used the DOS2 as a test platform on Phantoms! To not uppset us expert owners with some flimsy firmware that does not work as it should.
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Maybe you are right, maybe not. Devialet is usually silent about every thing they do (or don't do...) so owners can be sure to know little. Good for cheap products, but not so good for the high prices of the Devialet line up.
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