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MiniDSP SHD Studio
For a long time, I was looking for a Room correction solution that would correct the frequency response up to 500htz in my room in the digital domain(We don't have a dedicated room for audio). I do use dspeaker antimode 8033s-II to correct the subwoofer response. (Devialet sub pre-out is set to 60 htz to dual Rythmik subwoofers). I slightly prefer the sound with dual subs because, although TAD CR-1s are no slouch in bass department, their frequency response falls pretty fast below 35htz). 

After watching this video from Hans, I'm really tempted to try out MiniDSP SHD studio in digital domain for room correction. Has anyone else tried it?
Hans seems to be very enthusiastic about it. He subjectively compares his front-end with and without DIRAC room correction in this video. I really hope that ROON certifies this device as an endpoint soon.

I really wish Devialet would have included DIRAC or some other room correction software, but in the absence of it, this looks like a good alternative for $900. Thoughts??
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I have been looking at the SHD Studio. It is indeed a very nice unit even if it is limited to 96kHz. Running Volumio it is possible to install Roon Bridge on the SHD, but it is not optimal as you can only send 16bit data to it from Roon. Until the Volumio/MiniDSP people make sure Roon Bridge runs correctly it only supports UPnP which does not work directly with Roon.
One can of course use a microRendu or similar to the USB input of the SHD.

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That looks really interesting.

If it’s just in the digital domain that you want to run and you already have the means to figure out what filters you need, I’ve just purchased a minidsp nanoDIGI to go between a Blu-ray player and the dev.

I don’t think I’ll use it myself for music, as I use Roon and have spent too much time on Ethernet isolation.

I can’t tell you if the nanoDigi is any good yet, as I’m yet to collect it following a missed delivery!

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yeah I'm considering the miniDSP SHD Studio too after watching the same clip earlier...

what I'm worreid about though is I'm thinking of swapping my Auralic Aries (femto) for the miniDSP Studio and am worried that the room correction isnt going to be good enough to offset the drop in sound quality from my current gear.

Hans was previously running a SoTM 200 which I've also had in my system, and definately was a bottle neck... no idea why he runs that in his reference-1 system.

I guess the benefit of the SHD Studio over the analogue enabled version (plain SHD) is that you could in theory upgrade the PSU as its external, whereby the more expensive one is internal (cant be upgraded) and there's measurements online that show that PSU generates a lot of noise and jitter ... which to me is the death of digital audio enjoyment.

Problem is to upgrade to a linear psu etc for the SHD Studio just adds more cost, 50%-100% of the value of the unit itself... hmm tough call, wish miniDSP offered some sort of 30 day no questions asked, money back trial offer etc wouldnt hesitate for a second then

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