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More Devialet/Roon Ready strangeness
I upgraded my D250 Pro (CI) to 13.1.3/2.2.4 when it came out and was delighted with the result.  The upgrade was painless and configuring Roon to use RAAT was a doddle.  Roon correctly identified my D250 Pro as such and as a certified endpoint.

Then one day, somewhat out of the blue (maybe Roon had auto-updated in the night, can't be 100% sure) the zone icon in Roon reverted to a generic loudspeaker and the dreaded red "Uncertified" label appeared against it in audio preferences.  No matter how many times I restarted the D250, my Roon core or anything in between (following all the helpful advice from this forum) it stubbornly displayed the "Uncertified" label while appearing to continue to work without problem.

Last night I finally managed to solve this.  First I resinstalled 13.1.3/2.2.4 (yes, reinstalling 13.1.3/2.2.4 on top of itself).  No change.  Then I force restarted the D250 by unplugging the mains cord for a while.  No change.  Then I restarted my Roon core.  Bingo!  No more "Uncertified", my D250 is now identified as a "Devaliet Expert D250 Pro", the correct zone icon is now displayed and my OCD can lapse back into screensaver mode. 

Thought I would share in case anyone else out there is having the same issue.

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