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Noob Questions
Just purchased a Brand New Gold Phantom last Friday and have a few questions.

How do I know what I've purchased is indeed the latest model Gold Phantom, how can this be determined?

I ask this for several reasons:

A) The way its packaged, the power cable comes in a separate box and not coiled right beneath its base like all the YouTube unboxing videos I've seen. My Package just looks different.

B) I have only been successful at connecting to this Phantom using the Devialet app, but can never connect to it using the Spark app or the Phantom app. I would like to use Spark to stream Tidal directly through the app and use the Phantom app for its night mode.

Is it possible that my lack of being able to connect to SPARK or PHANTOM app is because these Gold models now ship with DOS 2 instead of DOS 1, how would i know which DOS is on my unit?

And one last question - Is it true that with certain apps or connection options you only get 80 percent max volume and if this is so how can I get 100 percent and which connections won't supply 100 percent volume? 

Thanks in advance for feedback and my apologies for the noob questions.
Latest gold Phantom-- i don't think the date of manufacture matters much (unless it's a very old one without BT or AirPlay), besides some components changes because of supply (like different wifi chips), they're all the same. I think there's a way to find this by using the serial number but I don't know how. You can see the serial number in the Devialet app, in the "settings" button (top right).

A- What do you mean? In my Phantom (Silver), the cable was shipped like this. Don't worry.

B- If it's working on the Devialet app, it means it's running DOS2-- thus Phantom/Spark apps won't work, they are only for DOS1. For Tidal, either use AirPlay or UPnP with an app like mConnect.

As for the last question, I have never seen an app unable to go up to 100%. And even if the app couldn't, you could always put it at 100% using the Devialet app.
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The Gold Phantom has not changed hardware wise since the first release, it only applies to the classic/silver.
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(15-Jan-2020, 10:54)AcrossTheWaves Wrote: I think there's a way to find this by using the serial number but I don't know how. 

It's the first three characters of the serial number.  The letter is the year of manufacture where K is 2017 and so on, so 2020 will be N.  The next two digits are the week number.  

As you say, to the best of anyone outside Devialet's knowledge, there have been no significant changes to the Gold Phantoms since release.  All Gold Phantoms are AirPlay-enabled.
Thanks for all your replies they are really appreciated.

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