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Novice questions
First I would like to say I am really glad that this forum exist because the manual is not that informative.
I would like to ask some questions about Devialet D200 that I have recently acquired.
1) In WiFi/Ethernet/SPDF/USB is the signal been upsambled or downsambled, depending the program, in 24/192(24/92 optic) automatic? In the AIR software in my PC I do not have an indication of the sample rate when playing with WiFi/Ethernet through Foobar. In the D200 screen I only see 44.1KHz when feeding from my CD/SACD Sony NS900 and 48KHz with HiRes program even 24/352 or DSD64
2) How is WiFi compared in sound quality to SPDF/optic/USB/analog?

Thank you.
1) There is no automatic downsampling by Devialet inputs, but the screen always shows the "truth" about what it is receiving. It must be your player output settings doing the downsample. You didn't mention exactly which connection method you are using. Some very cheap Optical cables might limit the rate to 48KHz.

2) I haven't tried WiFi, I can only say that after having used a Chord USB cable (£50) for a couple of years, I am now much preferring the sound via Ethernet cable. It's warmer and more organic.
JRiver v24 (Windows) >> 220Pro/CI >> Tellurium-Q Black >> PMC Twenty5.23 + two REL T7i. One White Phantom.
From analog inputs when pushing the input for a while it show 192 (that is what I choose in the configuration). From optical/SPDIF  it shows 44.1KHz and WiFi/Ethernet it shows 48KHz even when I use HiDef files 24/192,32/384).
Foobar configuration problem. Now everything is as it should.

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