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Phantom/Dialog into Furman PC
I've been reading a bit here about the two talking though power lines. Will my Furman conditioner interfere with this or is it no big deal seeing the dialog will be plugged into Ethernet cable?

While it won’t interfere with Dialogue on its own. It will potentially interfere with the communication between Dialogue and Phantom(s). Good thing is though if they can’t obtain a solid connection through PLC they’ll automatically switch to Wi-Fi to assist each other. So you may not notice anything.

But yes, by default everything Phantom will communicate with PLC and make adjustments from there. Usually they’re smart enough to only communicate with each other and not respond to a rogue device on the PLC.

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I recently picked up a Furman Power Station Series unit as I wasn't comfortable leaving the Phantoms plugged directly into the wall without any protection. No issues from my end and the Phantoms and Dialog even work with PLC.

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