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Phantom Gold Volume
Anyone noticing a volume reduction in the Phantom Gold at a certain number?

For example my 50% on the Phantom used to sound much louder than it does now for some reason.
HI, at some point in the past, not sure if it was going from DOS1 to DOS2 or Dos2 to a later build, I noticed my "normal background" listening level of about 30 needed to be a bit higher. I can not say about the upper limit, since i dont normally listen much over about 50. It seemed to me like the volume "curve" so to speak was shifted, but does not indicate the max was different. I can say when cranking it up occasionally, i seem to think , wow that's it? But not sure if that's my expectations up or ears going bad. Smile or due to changes in the software over time?

But I have also found on occasion when i thought the system seemed to have less volume at a given "Number" , i have learnt to check ALL of the possible volume control points, and usually find one of the other volume control points has been turned down...

Could be either or both cases IMO.


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