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Phantom Reactors are NOW AVAILABLE!
(11-Dec-2018, 01:12)Ryu79 Wrote:
(30-Nov-2018, 15:50)Ryu79 Wrote:
(30-Nov-2018, 15:22)Hawkman Wrote: So, apparently, the reason the Reactor is not available in Ontario yet is due to it not passing the electrical safety tests required by Hydro. Go figure.

Thanks for the update man.  Hopefully they get it all sorted it out soon.  But since it’s government regupatou stuff, I doubt it’ll get done soon.  Probably q2 2019

For anyone in Ontario, they have phantom reactors at the flagship Nordstrom locations.  Nordstrom hosts new popular vendors in their store for a month or two at a time (called Pop-in shops) and devialet is one of them.  If you live in Ontario recommended to buy in person not on their website and you save all shipping and import costs....for me I paid 3800 cad taxes in but on the website it would’ve cost me 4800!

Received two phantom reactors 900w.  They are good but slightly underwhelmed. I guess it’s hard to be blown away after getting a pair of golds but the reactor does sound very good.  Stereo pair would’ve been nice on launch.

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