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Phantom stops working makes a strange sound

My solo phantom, (which I have had for just over a year), being used with Spotify connect via dialogue plc has recently started dropping out.  Also makes a strange sound a bit like someone blowing a trumpet very very briefly.

Also, I've recently had to reset the dialogue several times.

Dialogue firmware:
Phantom firmware:

Any ideas?


.zip (Size: 331.99 KB / Downloads: 6)

My silver made this startup-sound. 
The first click is me turning it on by the switch, which enables you to determine the time from power-on to the actual strange sounds later. 
It makes a metallic "click"-sound followed briefly by what sounds like digital noise.
It was deemed "dead" by devialet support and I got another unit.
2 Silver Phantoms, Remote, Dialog, Geckos, located in Denmark

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