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Power Cables
Hi - expecting to receive Sablon Petit Corona, designed for Devialet, tomorrow. Will post findings over the weekend.
I have one of the test ones and am using it currently. I like it! It does what Sablon power cables tend to do and make everything bigger, more bass, more everything it seems. It is very well focused too. I did try the more expensive Gran Corona and Quantum Gran Corona and I have to admit I preferred the Devialet Petit Corona. I think it was largely due to the PC having the silver plug as opposed to rhodium, and it just seemed to work better in my case. A lot of it is down to metals used in power sockets and supposedly even metal types further up the signal chain, though I've never quite understood that.
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I also tried one of the Petit Corona power cables - funnily enough, I preferred the rhodium-plated version to the silver. Mark at Sablon told me I was in a minority, so I assume he's gone for silver with the production versions.
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Using nordost Vishnu here via isotek sigmas.
My Devialets are fed with LessLoss DFPC Signature… GREAT ! I think my quest has stopped !
Like Darthsteph I am also using a Lessloss DFPC Signature and very satisfied with it! Smile

Also my Devialet is plugged into a PS Audio P3 Power Plant which I definitely recommend to audition. It improved my D-Premier's performance considerably. The P3 itself is connected to a Furutech FP-SWS-D (gold) double wall socket using a Lessloss DFPC Original. It's on a dedicated HiFi circuit using a HiFi Tuning solid core cable in which the live and neutral wires are shielded separately and the three wires (including earth) together are also shielded.
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I had tested JPS Labs Kaptovator against Shunyata Zitron Cobra and settled on the Cobra. Both are great cables, but I'm not sure I made the right choice, as, over time, I have the feeling that I lost some depth and height to the soundstage compared with the Kaptovator, which was in my system longer. I just purchased new speakers, the Revel Ultima Studio2s (yet to arrive), and am reconsidering all my cabling. I'll definitely try to audition the Sablon and Lessloss as well as Silent Source Signature.
Have tested Naim Power line ,Audioqest NRG 10 and Nordost Frey 2

Naim powerline was a very good one on the Devialet,but the connector is not suited for the Devialet

Nordost Frey 2 was also one that i felt was in my direction ,and they can make one from factory with a plug that fits the Devialet

So Nordost Frey 2 with a factory plug fitted for the Devialet is my choise and very happy so far Wink
Good power supply and cables seem pretty critical for the Devialet, which is a bit irritating but makes sense for any hifi gear I suppose. In addition to the Sablon Petit Corona, I'm currently have a dedicated consumer unit with 2 6mm2 twin-and-earth spurs, 2 10mm2 (plus extra 10mm2 earth) and MK unswitched sockets. I put the 6mm2 spurs in just a few days ago on advice from an experienced hi-fi dealer that 6mm is better than 10mm (which can sound congested and undynamic - something I agree on after comparing them). The 6mm already is much better. Just bog-standard twin-and-earth.
I've also been using an Airlink 2kVA balanced power supply on the Devialet but that's recently started to sound worse to me (and it varies rather a lot for my liking) and I've taken it out for the time being.

As for power cables, I've also tried one of Guillaume's Chord Sarums which was excellent. A great all-rounder cable which imparted a very solid and uncoloured sound. I also have some home-made ones using Van Damme 2.5mm2 cable & MK Toughplugs which aren't bad, better than the stock Devialet cable for sure, but not a patch on the likes of the Sarum or Sablon.
Looking to try Entreq as well.
Nord One SE NC500, Mytek Brooklyn, Melco N1A, Rega RP6/Exact, Raidho C-1.1, Shunyata Denali and cables.
Tweaker's corner indeed!!! Tongue See what you make of this! Wink

A couple of months ago I had my electrician fit a dedicated consumer unit with 8 circuits, with each one feeding a wall socket/outlet via standard 6mm T&E. 3 of those are US-style duplex Furutech GTX-D ® sockets with carbon faceplates.

The CU is connected directly to my Henley Block so it is completely separate from the house mains.

Over the past few weeks I've been experimenting with a range of power cables, primarily the Entreq range. I suppose you could say there's a nice synergy between the Entreq mains cables and my mains sockets since they all use similar high-end Furutech carbon fittings.

Anyway when I first heard the Challenger V3s (US fittings) I thought they were the best mains cables I had ever heard (and this was with the brand new Furutech wall outlets which had never been used!). Of course everything just got better and better as the sockets ran in.

Then a few weeks later I tried the Apollos (again US fittings). At first I didn't notice such a huge difference but that evening listening to some familiar tunes it hit me. Suddenly everything just made so much sense; effortless presentation with so much detail and power, and supremely musical! I've since tried going back to the Challenger V3s a couple of times however it feels like such a downgrade coming from the Apollos!

I'm now experimenting with the Atlantis power cables (also US) which have they own dedicated earth drain system and therefore connect to an Entreq grounding box (via Entreq ground cables). These mains cables are nothing short of breathtaking. They take everything to another level, you know the one you thought never existed! It's like the noise floor almost vanishes and you get incredible micro details yet oodles of power and texture.

I've tried a number of other mains cables in my system including Chord Sarum TA (which are excellent by the way!) and Sablon. I didn't try the Petit Coronas only the Grand and Quantum. For some reason these didn't sound good in my system, speaking to Mark at Sablon (a true gentleman by the way!) he suggested that this might be due to a clash with my Transparent XL digital cables (which connect my two units and also the MiND 180) due to their high copper content.

Industry disclosure: UK distributor for Shunyata Research

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