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Question on experience with multiple Experts/remotes
I'm working through a problem with operating two Experts in close proximity with Devialet (unsuccessfully at the moment) where each amplifier's remote randomly un-pairs and re-pairs with the other amp (thread here:

This has got me digging into what looks like a glaring design flaw with the original Devialet, and I'm trying to find out if anyone has additional experience of this. 

In full disclosure, this started off as trying to problem solve with my home systems, but I'm an academic who studies and writes about tech, and as a result am becoming increasingly interested in seeing if one of the most innovative audio companies in the world made a fundamental design error with the original Experts!

If you have owned and operated more than one Expert in separate systems within the same location, or you are (or were) a  Devialet dealer who demoed more than one setup in the same place, it would be great if you could share your experiences with remote pairing in the chat. I'm especially interested in accounts of running into problems with multiple Expert systems in close proximity, or setups where there was no remote pairing problem.

Systems: Expert 200 + Linn Majik 109 + Roon | Expert 120 + Linn Tukan + Roon | Linn Majik DSM3/Exactbox + Linn Majik 140 Active
Just saw your now ancient message? Have you found a solution? If not I can help you.

   -- Pierre

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