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RS232 controller
ive only just recently joined the devialet owners club (so to speak)

and as i mostly play music ect. via my pc, i decided like "JohnnySix" and his post which can be found here, to make a windows aplication to control my devialet amp without needing to see it's display.

this is accomplished by making an RS232 3.5mm plug to usb serial adapter (which is reasonably easy to do) and then making software to talk to the amp via that cable which i have done (which i will make available to download if anyone is interested)
the app is written in visualbasic .net language which i have made to resemble the official devialet mobile app Big Grin

the first picture below is of the app before the connect button has been pressed to initialize it

the next picture below is the apps display after it has been initialized

the next picture below is of the tone control tab ie. bass & treble

the next picture below is of the settings window which allows you to select the baud rate (connection speed) and com port (which usb port)

it is still not 100% finished how i would like but all features are working as intended give or take a few bugs

this is very nice and quite beautiful! I love the remote control of my 250, but even if my amp hangs on the wall so I can see the display, I can not read the text from my listening chair. As I understand it, almost all the important settings are part of the 232 command set. Maybe this can be the start of the remote app Devialet never delivered. I'd love to see a push button for the 'invert' function with feedback in the app.
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That looks great, I'd be very interested in trying it, once I've moved a pc closer to the devialet.
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im currently rewriting the code into a different format which should allow for resizing of the window while keeping the window objects in proportion
Great work!

I can't believe Devialet leave users to write their own applications for such things - it shows how easily they could do it for us. I don't mean that in a mean-spirited way at all btw - it's impressive stuff - it's just that if you can do it as a user, it would presumably be a cinch for Devialets own programmers to offer it as a solution rather than a toolkit.

Could you give us an idea how long you spent getting it to this stage, and if you're a professional coder?

If only the iOS app would get updated to include all functions/controls and display feedback.

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to get it to the state that it is in this post, approximately 60hrs total. im quite ocd/fussy when it comes to making things like this so it probably only needed 40 hrs. since then ive been trying to just make it more like how i want it to be aesthetically, so ive probably spent another 60 or so hrs.

im not a professional software designer, i learnt most of my coding skills in year 9, because I was quite good with computers i was in a year 12 information technology class(yes while i was in year 9) since then ive pretty much self taught myself via the internet (watching youtube etc.) for me when making software half the time is spent researching and the rest coding.

i don't have a job, so I have plenty of time to work on this software and besides it gives me something to do that I enjoy Big Grin
Hello this sounds amazing please let me know where I can download your app. I have been looking for something like this for days.

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