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Reactor 600 or 900? anyone heard the difference?
(26-Dec-2018, 00:51)andylyonette Wrote: I'm travelling tomorrow but I'll look to do a comparison with a single silver, 600w and 900w Reactor on Thursday.  If anyone has any song they'd like to hear compared I'll record it (though I don't know how helpful that'll be as I've only got my phone to record with) and post a link.  I'll look for an app to try and keep the volume consistent.

When I say limit I mean volume limit of the 600w, but I wasn't comparing with a 900w in the same room, or even straight after the 900w so probably wasn't even worth mentioning, sorry!

For reference, I've put a 600w in my study and bathroom, both of which are less than 10m2, then the 900w are in my bedroom (~12m2) and kitchen (~25m2).  I'm not convinced that the 900w is enough for the kitchen, but it's placement is less than ideal - just on a window sill at the moment near a corner of the room.

Hi Andy,

was wondering how its going with the reactors? its so exciting to hear your experiences with both the 600 and 900s now that you've had them while.
Any more thoughts? I think there are a lot of people out there who are wondering if the 900´s are worth the extra money, esp. when stereo function comes to a pair.

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