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Reactor issues
(07-Mar-2019, 17:33)fgleason Wrote: When I plug mine in a light comes on and after a minute or two it makes a sound. If neither of these happen it is probably dead. Calling support is probably the best path forward.

Thanks for the ideas guys Shy
Did you get it sorted?
PC Speakers: 2 Phantom Reactor 600 in Stereo
Office Headphones: Stax SRS-3100 connected to Topping D50 DAC
Hi all,

I have a similar issue with my Reactor 600 with the firmware. Every time I stop using it for several hours (when I sleep or go to work), when I wake up or get back from work, the Reactor is active, solid white led, but stay silent. The Reactor does not show in the iPhone app or AirPlay/UPnP menu on any computer we have home...
- Either I stop and restart the reactor TWICE, by pressing the power button.
- Or I have to detach then re-attach the power cord.
Then, it works again...

This is really annoying. Before 2.6.2 it happened sometimes, but now it's once to twice a day...
Do you guys face similar issue?

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