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Recommendation for wireless mesh networks for reactors?
Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations/good experience with setting up/using a dedicated wireless mesh network dedicated for their reactors.  I am moving into a house and in my current setup I have my 2 x reactor 900’s connecting directly to my wireless internet modem which works fine.  However in my house I plan to have them in the basement and also I want to rmove the dependency of my wifi connection to my internet.  Ie. when my internet goes down I need to reboot my modem which results in my stereo pairing getting messed up.  Also I have a pair of golds + dialogue which I want to use a dedicated wifi network
Do you have any opportunity to use ethernet? I found them dramatically more stable at low latencies with ethernet.
I am not sure I understand your problem. I have a meshed wireless network (Netgear Orbi with two satellites) at home and the paired reactors work well, wherever they are in the house. In a home with two stories and concrete walls and floors it has solved the problems I had before when using PLC or wifi extenders (instead of connecting to a different network name each time you move from one story to another, you have a unified network name wherever you are).

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