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Registering used Phantoms

about a year ago, I bought a used set of 2 Silver Phantoms and 1 Dialog box. They have been working awesome and I am super happy with the purchase, but, when I tried to register them on the Devialet website, I couldn't. My reason for registering them was to make sure I would be getting firmware upgrades. When I open spark, I don't seem to see the new version and I don't know if it is because my system isn't registered with Devialet or not. 

Do I need them registered on Devialet website for me to receive the upgrade or will the upgrade show up in Spark no matter the registration status?

Thanks a lot in advance,
In this case you may have to check if the seller has 'deleted' his ownership. If this is done it's Devialet's fault and you should contact them about it.

According to Devialet I currently own two 250 amps. I only own one of course - the other is there because Devialet has not tidied up after my CI upgrade. Earlier you could fix things like this yourself when logged in. As this is no longer possible it can be quite a mess. Old ownerships are still active with Devialet after units have changed owners. The new owner can not register products and the seller can't release a product without Devialet's help..
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