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Release Notes - DOS 2.8.5
So it seems that Devialet snuck some release notes for DOS 2.8.5 under the radar last "Black" Friday, 29th Nov.  Since we were all doubtless busy gorging ourselves (be it on turkey or refurbished Phantoms) it seems we missed it.  Somewhat irritatingly Devialet don't date their Help Center posts but this one happens to contain the giveaway text "starting today, 29 November 2019".  So this note was published a week after the first reports here of selective pushes of 2.8.5 being spotted "in the wild" (22 November) - assuming it was published the same day it was written that is, it might have been even later.

According to the note, as of last Friday 2.8.5 is the target release for all Phantom Premiers upgrading from DOS 1, as well as continuing to be selectively pushed on demand to users suffering the stereo sync or Airplay problems it addresses.

Apparently the next major (i.e. pushed to all users) release will be 2.9.  Let's hope the second digit increment points to new functionality and not just bug fixes.  AirPlay 2 support maybe?  Although I continue to hope for RAAT  Tongue.

Apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere, I haven't seen it, and since it is germane to multiple recent threads here I thought I would post it in a new one.
Thanks for info!
Living room: 2x Gold Phantom, Remote.
Den: Kii Three with Control.
Any news about the updated Android app?
Living room: 2x Gold Phantom, Remote.
Den: Kii Three with Control.

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