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SAM measuring afternoon 23rd May 2019 Devialet dealer - Windsor Berkshire UK
Derek Gilligan of Kudos Audio joins us with Devialet tomorrow afternoon to complete SAM'ing of the whole range of Kudos speakers. We supply 505s and 606s - Kudos are bringing S10, S20, 707s and 808s. 

As Linn dealers too, we are using the time to also SAM our LINN Akudoriks, Akubariks and Klimax 350 all in passive that sound great with our Devialet 140/210/220/440/250/1000. 

Also see our event website that includes Mathieu Pernot visiting us with Alex Martel on Thursday 18th July from 10am to 12. 
I will post this as a separate event 

Hope to see you soon

Chris Fuller 
Hidden Systems 
Portland House 
35 Alexandra Road 
SL4 1HZ 

+441753 858898
Devialet dealer in Windsor Berkshire UK
Devialet | Kudos | Linn | Naim | Kudos | Totem

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