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Silver Phantom Subs movement
Hello. I have the phantom silver that I bought recently. It's does not sound as bass heavy as everyone on Youtube says. The covers barely move at 50% volume. Can anyone please post a video of the subs movement at 50%?
Hi emadgaidi

Can't help with the video as I have Classics not Silvers, but you don't say what your source is? eg Airplay, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Optical, and do you have a particular genre of music in mind.

There is a reason you won't see many complaints about the 'lack of bass' from these speakers so I suspect something is amiss - even the classic phantoms can put out an alarming bass at higher volumes. It may however not be the speakers but the input source that is the problem. Positioning will also affect sound balance - though not speaker 'movement'.

One piece of music that consistently causes the speakers to 'dance' is from the group Kobresia from the album Substrata - the track is called 'Biosphere' - even at low volumes you can see the movement of the speakers so its a good check that everything is working as it should. Hopefully someone will post the video you requested but a bit more detail about source etc might be useful.

I use the optical cable, spotify and a uPNP server to play FLAC files. Even my Google Home max sound bunchier. I think I will return it.
Sounds like something is wrong to me. In Spark you could enable "night mode" which removed a lot of the bass. I don't think that exists in the current app.
They don’t move much at 50%. Try something like the Hey now by London Grammar. That should be really bassy at 50% but again the sides won’t move much. If you speakers are in open space try them closer to a wall, they also need to be put on stands to get the best out of them, that can be any stand where the top plate is large enough and they are approx 65-70cm high. To be honest I didn’t notice any Audible difference moving from a good quality generic stand to the Trees but they are safer.
Dos 1 or 2?

Here is my gold at about 55-60% bupnp.
use a low frequency test tone and see is how it move.

subwoofer low frequency test
Please excuse my poor reputation
I have two classics and there is a small but noticeable difference in the woofer excursion between the two speakers. I have also noticed that when putting the speakers into standby, the tone emitted by the woofers is slightly different. On one Speaker the tone is a rich this and on the other the tone is more restricted. I assume these small differences are due to manufacturing tolerance differences. Anybody also noticed standby tone differences?

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