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Slim Remote Possible to Disassemble?
Is is possible to disassemble the new slim remote? If so, what are the steps? My slim Phantom remote (version 2) has failed…

I tried turning it off and on, resetting, and pairing again, but it still doesn’t work. It pairs correctly to either of my Phantom I Opera de Paris speaker and the speaker makes a beep sound. I can also control the sound via the app perfectly, but if I turn the physical dial on the remote, whatever number it’s on, it just oscillates back and forth. 

For example, if the volume is showing 10 and I turn the dial to increase or decrease the volume, it shows 9-10-9-10-9-10-9-10, etc. If I change the volume on the app, the numbers change correctly and correspond on the remote as well. Let’s say I turn the volume up on the app to 30, 30 will also show on the remote. Then I will turn the dial on the remote and it will show 29-30-29-30-29-30-29-30, etc. 

Any help is appreciated.
It's fully charged?
iMac 2021, Roon, home wifi, Devialet Phantom I x 2
Haven't seen this issue myself. Maybe you have something that is interfering with the remote? Have you tried killing the app? You have two spealers, you should have two remotes. If so, does the second one act the same way?
Maybe you could do a complete factory reset on your phantoms
I saw this 'volume sync stuttering' behavior with one of the SLIM remotes after an update in 2023. It was paired but the volume indicated on the remote just bounced back and forth and did not control the volume.

made sure only had 1 app connected and that it was connected to the right wifi network. !
made sure the app was UPDATED.
did a system update check.

-for some reason i seem to think i saw the remote updated, or something got updated that was not.

then it worked again.

the button on my speakers is not in an easy place for me to push, don't recall resetting the speakers...

really can't recall the last time i touched the back just the top trying to get through the mysterious and unknown paring dance. (stop the music...put it on an idle input) then do something that always seems like a dance...

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