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Stream Roon to DLNA equipment with Sonore upnp bridge
Stream Roon to DLNA with Sonore upnp bridge, this will perhaps be a solution for the upcoming streamerboard from Devialet......perhaps not the best solution but better than anything. 

I see that they have the sonicTransport as a Roon bridge to upnp in the list of devices does this mean that a sonicTransport with Roon server would be all you need to stream Roon to the coming streamerboard if that only will support DLNA?
Main system
TAD D1000mk2, TAD M2500mk2, TAD CE-1, Ansuz Mainz 8 C2, Ansuz Darkz D-TC
Qobuz Studio -> Roon ROCK on NUC -> Uptone etherREGEN -> dCS Network bridge -> AES/EBU -> DAC
HD Plex 200W PSU (4 rail for ISP fiber, router, switch and NUC)

Second system
Qobuz Studio -> Devialet Silver Phantom, Devialet Tree

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