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The Hi-fi show Windsor 2018
Did anyone go today? Keen to hear what others liked?

First time I have been to this event. No devialet there, but lots of interesting gear. 
I liked the YG Acoustics Carmel demo, and Wilson Sasha DAW to name but a few. I really wanted to like the Magico M6 demo (being a magico owner) but I did not. Maybe the music selection was poor. 
Would have preferred to hear the Magico A3s, but they were just on exhibition.

I had not heard of the Bacch SP bag of tricks before;  I was pretty impressed with the 3d soundstage effect. It sounded fantastic. Unfortunately you have  to be sitting front and centre to appreciate it. Not really for sharing. Hopefully they start licensing the tech to make it more accessible. Surely it is just a dsp algo that can be punched into the next CI  firmware update Confused.

Anyone tried the latest version?- I see there is a thread on  this technology already
ex-Expert 210 Pro 

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