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Turning off Phantom II speakers using Android..
So, i cant seem to turn my speakers off using the android-app (tried 2 separate phones). However, if i use a iOS device it works fine. 
The android app used what seemed like forever to try to stereopair my phantom II's and i never got it to work. 
Until i used an iOS device and it did everything without a hitch? Why ?

Is it my particular phone "One Plus 7 pro", that is the troublemaker, or is the app on android just iffy in general ?

Curious to know if anyone has a better app experience than me on android. And if the turning off your phantoms is a nogo on android anyway.
Theres always that mushy power-button in the back that i find very cumbersome to use to shutdown the speakers.  Undecided
I'll just update this to say that this now works. And I did nothing to make it work. Suddenly it worked. Probably after several times turning the speakers on/off and rebooting phone etc. That said this just worked out by itself over time. So I'm unsure what exactly I did to make it function properly.

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