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Two speaker cables per chanel?
I have now the possibility to install two cables per speaker, without the bridge between speakers pins.
The question is: is it worth doing this? Will I notice an increase in sound quality even without bi-amplification (i have a 220Pro) ?
Of course I could test for conclusions but for that I would have to cut the cables in other measures and buy terminals.
I would like to know the opinion of anyone who has tried this and other solutions.
if your speakers have the option for bi-wiring there is probably a good reason for it as it is part of the design. You should try it before you buy a new set of cables of course. I've used bi-wiring with my speakers for a long time an clearly prefer it to single wiring. You could even find that different cables give better sound for highs and lows so experimentation is a good thing!
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I would check with the cable manufacturer you are using now if they produce jumper cables from the same set of cables you are using now. Much cheaper than purchasing an additional set of cables AND the improvement is significant.

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The cables are the same i had for years.
I just don´t need 6 meters cables per channel, because the amp is now much closer to the speakers.
I can cut it and make two 3meters pairs, that´s why.
Bi-wiring has its benefits and depends entirely on your loudspeaker's design. What speakers do you use ?
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Bi-wiring only makes really sense after an external cross-over otherwise it is sending the same signal through 2x wires. An intermediate version is when the crossover for highs and lows are completely separated with their own binding posts and then one could optimize the cables for highs and low frequency range. But just duplicating cables is great for selling more cables.
You could also re-terminate your cables and sell one pair. Shorter cables sound just better!
(11-Jan-2018, 04:22)audio_engr Wrote: Bi-wiring has its benefits and depends entirely on your loudspeaker's design. What speakers do you use ?

Sonus Faber Guarneri, the new series Tradition.
I´m trying to know what kind of crossover they have inside.
Connecting two cables per channel in the amplifier would also be a bit tricky.
I will probably use the other half of the cable to sell or store for future use.

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