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USB interconnects by Lavricables
I am glad you found a USB cable that works for you

I belong to an audio club and one of the members is a scientist involved in a huge radio telescope array being built in South Africa
It is his contention that it is all in the mind, and bits is bits

However, we have set up two comparisons using 1) a cheapie USB printer cable, 2) An Audioquest Carbon cable, 3) An Audioquest Forest cable, 4) A Lindy Premium Gold Cromo cable, 5) A Pexon USB cable someone bought in the UK for £16.00

The USB printer cable result was indifferent and the comment was similar to your comment above about computer cable
There was little difference between the others, but we decided that the Lindy Cromo cable (only 50cm long) offered the best bang for buck overall

In this country, it costs the equivalent of $30 for a 50cm cable and $40 for a 1m cable

[Image: nU82Lvd.png]
Listening stuff:  Lindemann Limetree Bridge.  Co-ax SPDIF to Expert 220PRO.  vdH 4-core cable to ET LF8bs, B&W DB1 sub, less-loss mains cable, Furman mains filter.  Music on a Synology 2-bay NAS and Audio Station.  Floor to ceiling lined curtains, carpets on 2 walls & floor.  

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