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Weiss DSP501 / DSP502
Every now and again something comes along that peaks my interest.  In this case the Weiss DSP501/502, which is basically a Roon Ready / UPnP / DLNA network attached endpoint with some interesting DSP functionality attached.  Unlike most NAA type products, this one can output S/PDIF AES/EBU, which means that it does have the potential to perform well with a Devialet amp.  I say potential, because until someone tries it we can only guess at how it good or bad it might sound feeding a Devialet.

In other threads, I and others have posted about the potential for the DSP in both the Devialet EVO Engine and the Core Intelligence board.  For me, the Wiess seams to offer a lot of things that I might have on a "wish list" for Devialet to incorporate.  Following on from the recent OAC event, it does not look like Devialet have any plans to expand the scope of DSP, so for now it is fun to see what the competition are doing.  

Amongst the DSP features included are a "creative equaliser", something you invoke to compensate for a poor recordings, A "De-essing" sibilance remover, "vinyl emulation", "loudness control", which is volume dependant equalisation, "Room Equaliser", for mitigating room bass modes, and others.  As I said before, if I were to write a "wish list" for things for Devialet to incorporate, the Weiss offering pretty much nails it.

Am I tempted to try one?  Tempted, yes, but I probably won't.  One key missing feature for me is that it does not have HQPlayer compatibility, plus I would like AirPlay, so that is a couple of features lost over what I have now, plus there is the small issue that I do not know if sound quality will be any good, or what the price is.  If SQ was reported to be excellent, and the price reasonable, then it might be worth a try.  I have not seen a price yet, but the current Weiss DAC502, which is pretty much the same thing but with a DAC included, is about £8K, so the DSP version is not likely to be in the "budget" category.

See links below:
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