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Zen Phono
I've used odd bits of iFi kit for years, mainly purifiers and DC power supplies and have always been please with the results.

This is the first piece of their HiFi kit I've tried and I've got to say I am impressed.

I've just tested this back to back against a phono amp which costs over ten times as much and it held it's own very well.

Fleetwood Mac's Rumours is a fairly challenging piece of Vinyl. There are very subtle backing vocals, incredibly delicate percussion and beautiful guitar fills which can easily be missed with a less capable amp. The Zen Phono handles them all in its stride. The sound is very clean, very analytical, it presents a very open and clearly defined soundstage.

Unlike many phono amps the Zen Phono is very simple to configure, with options for MM and MC cartridges including ultra low output MC.

Inputs and Outputs are standard RCA with the option of 4.4mm balanced output. A short RCA cable is included along with a power adapter.

For the money I don't believe there is anything out there that comes close to competing with the Zen Phono, in-fact it could probably shame most of the devices costing twice as much or more.

Buy one.

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