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beerman`s system
Just a little update and some photos

I changed the look of my system. The Rack is now bright colored like the stands of my Kef LS50 wich are selfmade from beechwood, steel and a massive granite stone. This is the original color of the Tabula Rasa Lowboard Rack made of massive beech and oak. I once had Linn Keltik speakers in rosewood, so I stained the wood of the rack to make it look similar to the speakers. Now I grinded it, oiled it and gave him back the original look. I removed the Thixar-base under the Devialet and the hardwood platform from the LP12. The LP12 sits now with its Trampolin baseboard direct on the Rack. Digital source is now a Melco instead of the MacMini.
That changes were made through the last three years and were completed with the works on the rack.


Linn LP12 Sondek + Radikal + Urika + Ekos II + Lyra Delos - roon nucleus + SBooster - Devialet 220 Pro CI - Kef LS50 - Dspeaker Antimode 8033s II + SBooster - Linn Melodik Subwoofer


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