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louder sensation sound
Hi!, i have been have a lot of doubts since i bought the pair of phantoms gold, i notice that one phantom is louder than other.. it could be possible? or its me  Huh  i notice that i can hear louder the instrumets and the voice on the left phantom...
Someone that maybe its in the same position ?
2x Phantom Gold, Dialog Airplay
It may depend on the position of the phantoms and your room environment, The only way to check is to switch the two phantoms.
Devices :
2 Gold Phantoms (previously 2 Silver) + Dialog - Denon DCD-SD/300 -
Project Essential II Digital equipped with Ortofon 2M Blue,
Accessories :
Tree, Cocoon, Remote

Lyon - France
Yes, switch the two phantoms.
And do a complete factory reset
Or try to switch it to the same power strip.
depending on your setup, the Phantom can sound awful...

(19-Dec-2016, 14:52)daibaron Wrote: Who am i to criticize...
2 weeks ago I was at Devialet's flagship store in Paris to get a demo of the Phantom Gold compared to the Silver.
To my own opinion there was obviously an issue with the sound setup on both systems. (maybe interference ? who knows...)
I can't believe the people who are managing this place missed this...
So i told the sales person in place that the sound was distorted or "foggy"... (Not even close to the sound that comes from my Phantom Silver)
The sales person stared at me with an arrogant smile on his face (without even knowing i was a Phantom owner) and made me feel uncomfortable... Arguing it was the best wireless speaker in the world.
It goes without saying that spending over €5500 does not include an amazing customer experience.
(29-Jan-2017, 12:28)dmitrek Wrote: Or try to switch it to the same power strip.

Yes, on the same powerstrip including the dialog can make a big difference
i switched the phantoms and now its sounds normal, both sides left and rigth!, i think it maybe the position and furniture...
Thanks a lot!
2x Phantom Gold, Dialog Airplay

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