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n00b question on remote and input selection
This is going to sound stupid, but anyways:
I have my expert pro 22 CI sitting on a flat surface between the speakers.
I sit 10+ feet away in the 'sweet spot'.

How do I see, from my sitting position, which input I am switching to (let's say I want to switch from Line to Roon Ready via wifi) ?

There is no visual indication on the remote as to where I am in the input cycle or indeed which input is currently active.

I can get up and go look at the display on top of the Devialet amp, but that kinda defeats the whole purpose of having the fancy shiny remote.

I can also open the app on tablet or smartphone, but again, that kinda defeats the purpose etc...

What am I missing?
You're not missing anything, you've basically covered the situation.

You can stand up so you can see the display window (depending on distance you may have to step forward a pace or two in order to do so) or you can use the remote app to tell you what input is selected. You can wall mount the amp so you can actually see the display, or you could build a stand to hold the amp up in a near vertical position which could sit on the surface the amp is currently sitting on (there are photos of such stands in some of the system threads on the forum here). Otherwise you can use Devialet's remote app on your phone or tablet.

Since you're using Roon you should know that Roon lets you avoid the need to check the input when you're using Roon to play something, just select the music in Roon and tap "Play" on whatever remote you're using for Roon and Roon will swap the input on your 220 to Roon Ready or AIR depending on which network connection you activate in Roon's audio settings. That means you don't have to see or check your input when you want to use Roon, but you can't swap to a non-Roon input from within Roon when you want to play something from another input. I haven't had your problem since I finished ripping all of my discs to my server and started using Roon for all my playback choices. Roon will even turn the amp on for me if it's turned off when I tell it to play something. It just doesn't do everything so I still have to use the shiny remote to turn the amp off and to do things like use tone controls, turn SAM on or off and change the SAM setting, and so on. What that means for me in practice is that the only thing I really use the shiny remote for is turning the amp off when I'm finished listening. I have to be standing up to check that the amp is off but when I'm turning the amp off I'm also getting up out of the listening chair anyway so standing up to look isn't an annoyance.
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Brisbane, Qld, Australia
Thank you for the response.

So if I understand correctly: if I am watching TV (using the Line input in bypass mode) and i want to switch to roon, I only need to activate Roonremote on the tablet and pick a track and the Devialet will switch to Roon Ready input and start playing.

However if I want to switch back, I need to use the remote app or the remote and  get up.

Am I understanding that correctly? I can live with any of these scenarios. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything basic Smile
Yes, that's the way it should work.

I forgot to mention one other thing which may help.

The remote's input button cycles through inputs in a set order. It only cycles through inputs that you have activated in your config file if you only have 2 inputs active, your Line input and your Wifi input, a single press of the input button on the remote will always take you to whichever input you're not using.

Let's say instead that you have 3 inputs active in your configuration, let's call them A, B, and C. The Devialet will always cycle through them in that order going A,B, C, A, B, C, A and so on as you press the Input button on the remote. If you're using input B and want to get to C, a single press of the Input button will always do it and if you're using Input A and want to get to C or Input B and want to get to A, or input C and want to get to B, then 2 presses of the Input button will always do it.

Make sure you only have the inputs you actually are using active in your configuration and learn the order that the amp cycles through them in. Then you will know how many presses of the input button you need to make. You do have to worry about the "streaming inputs" shown on the display such as Roon Ready/AIR?UPNP etc. They're tied to the physical input, either ethernet or wifi and you will have to cycle through them if they're along the input cycle sequence between the input you're using and the input you want to get to but you can factor them into your button press count once you learn the sequence and it's easy to learn the sequence. Just stand where you can see the display, start pressing the input button, and write down the name of the inputs in the order in which you cycle through them. The amp always follows the same order. If you know what input you're currently using you can tell how many button presses you need to get to it.

The other lazy way requires that something be playing on the source device attached to the input you want to select. Just keep pressing the input button until you hear what you want to hear because the input you want will then be active. If you're swapping from Roon to your phono input, for example, start an LP playing on your turntable and then start pressing the input button until you hear the LP. The problem with this approach is that you'll miss the start of the record because the record needs to be playing so that you know when you've got to the right input but you can do this if you want the line input for your TV. Turn the TV on and it will start sending it's audio signal to the amp, then start pressing the input button on the amp remote and stop when you hear the sound from the TV. If you don't stop then you're going to have to keep pressing the input button until you come around to the line input once again so wait a second or two between button presses so you have a chance to listen for the audio from each input as you cycle through the inputs.

Yes, it's kind of klutzy learning how many button presses you need or just pressing the input button repeatedly until you hear the audio you want but it does work.
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Brisbane, Qld, Australia
thank you Smile
I try to only use the remote when powering on the Devialet as part of my AV system - it automatically powers up to Line. For music I use Roon from my MacBook to power the system on and off. Once it’s powered up I change inputs using the app on an iPhone or iPad. Otherwise you are going to have to do an awful lot of polishing to the remote.
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From an old binocular I took out one prism and placed it on the display window
10 feet away it’s possible to see input , volume ,SAM % etc. However digits will be inverted
Their remote is the most universally praised for its physical design and yet it has the most ridiculously "un-useful" or unusable ergonomics.

It still befuddles me why they spent so much on the gorgeous hunk of metal, and neglect the opportunity to put a screen on the top of the round button.

And after all these years of expensive CI upgrades etc, they could have charged hundreds or even more for an upgraded remote which I am sure many of the users of this demographics would be willing to pay.

Reminds me of jokes about the ergonomics of Italian or French automobiles
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@agentsmith I hear you. I was surprised, as a relative Devialet 'virgin' that there was not the same information screen on the remote as on the amp itself... Oh well...
TBF we all knew this when we bought the amp.

Screens use a lot of power (relatively speaking). I for one would not need yet another device I’d have to recharge all the time. Smile
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