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resetting sound to 35
So I have 3 reactor 900's.  I have 2 paired up connected to a receiver and I have the other one connected to another receiver.  I did this for my wife since she abhors using apps for anything.  Every night after work I have to reset the input to optical and the volume back to 100.  Anyone else experiencing this behavior?

Same for me I don't know how to change it
PC Speakers: 2 Phantom Reactor 600 in Stereo
Office Headphones: Stax SRS-3100 connected to Topping D50 DAC
(07-Jun-2019, 16:58)RMK Wrote: Same for me I don't know how to change it
I may end up relegating the Reactor's to adhoc use and just replace them with phantom classic's running in optical direct mode...  It really amazes me that they still can't get this stuff right...

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