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some recently found music
Few recordings I really enjoy at the moment

Paul Berner band - The bird has flown (high res download Sound liaisson)
Anette Askvik - Liberty (great voice and sound scapes)
Carla Bruni - French Touch
Friedemann - The Master Tracks
Jade Jackson - Gilded
Sophie Zelmani - Time to Kill
Mary J. Blige - The london Sessions
Aha - MTV Unplugged (studio albums sounded like crap in the past, but this is quite good)

Main Set: Aavik U-300, Magico V3, Wadia 381i, Ayre DX-5 dsd, NBS Black label / Omega 1, Crystal Dreamline, Cardas Clear, Ansuz Ceramic, Aurender N100H, purpose build rack Bubinga wood (175kg rack only)

Second set: Devialet 200, Raidho X1, JL Audio F110 Subs (2x), Oppo BDP103D with audiopraise board, Melco N1A, Uptone Regen, and lots of Ansuz goodies

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