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Positive Feedback's positive 1000Pro review
Ummmm. Reading the above exchange reminds me of time gone by, when almost every thread topic drifted into comments about issues with AIR and Devialet's hopeless communication.

But OK, I'll bite. My take on the new streamer board is that sound quality considerations are paramount, or to put it another way, if it sounds no better than AIR then it is totally and utterly pointless. Picking up on Hifi_swlon's comments, I guess the key consideration is the new board being compatible with Roon. OK, fair enough, but in effect AIR is compatible with Roon, so it goes back to my previous point, whatever Devialet come up with it needs to have better sound quality than Roon, otherwise I fail to see the point. Anyway, there are other threads covering the streamer board, see handy link below.

So getting this one back on topic, I though this one was quite a reasonable review. I can think of many times in the past when I have read a review of something that I have subsequently heard myself, and the review appears to have zero correlation with my real world experience. This review however chimes nicely with my own experience. Words like natural, analogue, detail, micro & macro dynamics are used, to me this sums it up. I did wonder about the comment that 'bass performance is still state of the art', because now I have spent some time with the Pro I have come to the conclusion that bass performance is better the D800. Not that the D800 was lacking in the bass department, far from it, I guess I would have to say the bass with the Pro takes 'state of the art standard' to a new level.

Currently the Pro is still taking me on a bit of a journey. Thanks to a few days off work I have had more time than usual to listen to the Pro, it is still surprising me and I have to say I have not yet fully got used to the thing. It is a remarkable step up from the D800 I think. My current thinking is that there is nothing significantly better out there at any price, you could certainly get different, and maybe even something you prefer depending on you taste, but definitively better, I am not sure. (and I have listened to some very expensive stuff recently)
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