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Hiss on Phono
(24-Nov-2016, 17:04)petrik Wrote:
(22-Nov-2016, 23:07)runforfree69 Wrote: Im using a Benz Ebony L into the Devialet 200 phono and the it's too noisy at -15db, at 0db if I close my eyes I can imagine i'm in a rainforest during heavy rainfall.

I'm having Benz Wood SL and I'm having exactly the same problem. Note: this is with my Devialet 1000 Pro. I didn't have similar noise earlier with Le 800. The phono settings are exactly the same. I wonder what is causing this noise.

I checked this noise level with iPhone and it's showing about 63 db at volume level -15. This is when the cartridge is not even touching surface of a record.

I contacted Devialet support on this but they are on the opinion that this is just normal and there is nothing wrong Sad But there was no noise on my Le 800...

I checked this today again and to my surprise the noise was at least 10 db lower than a few months ago! I cannot even hear the noise anymore in my listening spot  Shy  I wonder what is causing this positive change since my vinyl set is exactly the same as before. I have only changed power and speaker cables to the Chord Company Signatures, can those possibly help lowering the noise also when playing vinyl records?
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